Meet The Team - Guardian's Fortress

Chris Budihas

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Chris Budihas is a dynamic executive business and military leader with 35+ years of experience in successfully leading diverse teams in global, multi-functional organizations to achieve positive results. Over the years, his expertise has been in strategy and operations development & execution, annual operating budget performance, market & risk analysis to stimulate growth, and building strategic partnerships for long-term business expansion. Chris founded a consulting company that empowers clients to frame problems to develop effective strategies and business opportunities. He volunteers time to serve as the Chief Business Advisor for the non-profit National OverWatch, whose mission is to develop training, policies, and material solutions that help to prevent violent events in schools. Chris is one of the co-founders of Guardian’s Fortress, serving as their Chief Operations Officer. Continue reading to learn more about Guardian’s Fortress.

Ludger Montfort

Ludger Montfort is an esteemed cybersecurity professional with experience managing complex government projects, personnel action processes, and information security. Husband and father, Ludger is a military retiree who served the country for over 27 years in both the Active and Reserve Component of the US Army. Since retirement, Guardian’s Fortress is the second Soldier-founded and IT Security-based company for which he provides planning administration and operational support. Ludger is an Award-winning, highly accomplished, and motivated IT & HR professional with decades of experience and a track record of rapport-building, resourceful problem-solving, and excellent customer support skills. Ludger co-founded Guardian’s Fortress, serving as their Chief of Information Technology.

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Terrence Gorman

Terrence Gorman is a seasoned legal, acquisitions, and military leader with 22+ years of experience advising on organizational threat vulnerability, preventive law, complex acquisitions management, and director and officer liability. Since 2002, he has served on Federal, State, and municipal boards as chief advisor on public law, public safety, and taxation and asset protection matters. Terrence is a managing member of a statewide law firm. In that capacity, he advises multimillion-dollar business ventures on organization, development, and phased investment and capital acquisitions. He volunteers at several not-for-profit and religious organizations devoted to the safety of children and educational institutions. As a member of the US Army reserve component, Terrence has deployed multiple times with Special Forces and Special Operations. He holds the highest credentialing available in National Security Law and currently serves as a federal and state Military Judge. Terrence is one of the co-founders of Guardian's Fortress, serving as their Chief of Executive Services.

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