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We understand everyone has the inherent right to a safe environment where they can freely learn, teach, worship, and work with worry. Many organizational leaders do not know how to assess their security vulnerabilities then address them appropriately. There, the Security Experts at Guardian’s Fortress developed an effective and efficient detailed Digitized Process that streamlines security assessment to reduce risk and protect lives & property against active shooters and other violent incidents.

Our best-in-industry and pricing makes Guardian’s Fortress the go-to digitized inspection process for K-12 Schools, Universities, Places of Worship, and Hospitals & Healthcare Centers.

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So, why Guardian’s Fortress? With the exponential rise in active shooter and other violent attacks occurring at schools, the workplace, and in public over the last three decades, organizations cannot afford not to immediately understand and address their security vulnerabilities. With the frequency and extremely violent nature of these events, responsible institutions and companies cannot hope their location will not be subject to such heinous incidents. Vigilance, purposeful investment, and action can prevent, protect, or reduce those catastrophic effects of such events. Ultimately, only accurate and thorough assessments effectively enable organizations to understand their security vulnerabilities to appropriately determine prioritization and funding to fill these gaps. Our Assessments will protect lives while saving time & money!

Security Solutions

Accurate and thorough assessments effectively enable organizations to understand their security vulnerabilities to appropriately determine prioritization and funding to fill these gaps. Ultimately, Guardian’s Fortress products reduce risk, protect lives & property, and inform organizations on where to properly invest funding & time to increase security.

Guardian’s Fortress’ best-in-industry digitized inspection processes:

  1. *“School Safeguard” – pre-K to 12th Grade Public and Private Schools
  2. “University Safeguard” - Universities & Colleges Campuses
  3. “Worship Safeguard” - Mid-size (200-350 people) to Mega Churches (2,000+)
  4. “Hospital Safeguard” - Healthcare Centers and Hospitals

Guardian’s Fortress addresses security needs with many easy-to-use Features:

Thorough & simplified customized digital inspection process with ready-to-use templates on a Microsoft Teams platform. 24/7 access and utilization of detailed automated checklists that saves lives and money. Customer service representatives on-call.

Digital inspections have over 250+ points of inspection, are more comprehensive in their approach, and utilize dropdown scoring metrics, where the results of these details inspections are quantifiably useful to clients. This information will inform proper actions and investment in security policies, training, and/or material acquisition.

These digital processes provide automated report generation of inspection results that outline findings and highlight deficiencies that decision-makers should address in short, mid, and long-term horizons.

Our Experience

The company’s founders have over 70+ years of experience in the industry. As a disabled veteran and minority-led organization, the Guardian’s Fortress’ leadership is passionate about empowering organizations to understand and correct their security vulnerabilities to reduce risk. They leverage technology to enable more efficient and measurable security inspection execution and digitization to understand where risks exist and should be mitigated. 

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