Your Security - Our Priority

We recognize everyone's inherent right to a safe environment for learning, teaching, worshiping, and working without worry. Many organizational leaders struggle to assess their security vulnerabilities and address them effectively. That's why Guardian's Fortress Security Experts have developed a detailed, digitized process that streamlines security assessment, reducing risk and protecting against active shooters and other violent incidents.

Our competitive pricing makes Guardian's Fortress the leading choice for digitized inspection processes for K-12 schools, universities, places of worship, hospitals, and healthcare centers.

Get started in 3 Easy Steps:

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Assessments can be conducted on most laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Our Customer Help Desk is available to assist you and ensure your success!

Why Choose Guardian's Fortress

With the exponential rise in active shooter and other violent attacks at schools, workplaces, and public places over the last three decades, organizations can't afford to ignore their security vulnerabilities. The frequency and violent nature of these events mean institutions and companies can't rely on luck to avoid them.

Vigilance, investment, and action are essential to prevent, protect, or mitigate the effects of such incidents. Accurate and thorough assessments are crucial for organizations to understand their vulnerabilities and prioritize and fund solutions.

Our assessments save lives and resources!


Security Solutions

Accurate and comprehensive assessments are essential for organizations to understand their security vulnerabilities. This understanding allows for the proper prioritization and allocation of funding to address these gaps effectively. Guardian’s Fortress products are designed to reduce risk, protect lives and property, and guide organizations in investing their resources wisely to enhance security.

Guardian’s Fortress offers industry-leading digitized inspection processes for various sectors:

  1. “School Safeguard” – for pre-K to 12th-grade public and private schools
  2. “University Safeguard” - tailored for university and college campuses
  3. “Worship Safeguard” - designed for mid-size (200-350 people) to mega churches (2,000+ attendees)
  4. “Hospital Safeguard” - customized for healthcare centers and hospitals

Guardian’s Fortress addresses security needs with many easy-to-use features.

Online and Off-Line Capability

24/7 access to detailed inspection checklists on a secured Microsoft Teams platform.

Bring your own device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone).

Once the inspection has been initiated, the inspector(s) can work offline, if connectivity is unavailable.

Comprehensive Inspections

Conduct inspections with over 250+ points of inspection.

Utilize dropdown scoring metrics for a more thorough approach.

The results of these detailed inspections are quantifiably useful, informing clients on proper actions and investments in security policies, training, and material acquisition.

Report Generation

Generate reports outlining inspection findings and highlighting deficiencies. These reports will guide decision-makers on addressing security issues in short, mid, and long-term horizons.

Our Experience

Guardian’s Fortress is led by industry veterans with over 70 years of combined experience. As a disabled veteran and minority-led organization, our leadership is dedicated to empowering organizations to identify and address their security vulnerabilities to reduce risk. We leverage technology to enhance the efficiency and measurability of security inspections, enabling a clearer understanding of existing risks and how to mitigate them.

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