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Products Description

Guardian’s Fortress’ has four best-in-industry digitized inspection processes that identify security gaps to be filled that protect people and infrastructure at these locations:

  1. *“School Safeguard” - Pre-K to 12th-grade public and private schools
  2. “University Safeguard” - Universities & college campuses
  3. “Church Safeguard” - Mid-size (200-350 people) to mega-churches (2,000+)
  4. “Hospital Safeguard” – Healthcare Centers and Hospitals
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Product Name

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School Safeguard is both a simplified and digitized security checklist inspection for risk mitigation & vulnerability assessments for pre-K to 12th-grade schools.

University Safeguard is a detailed security checklist that determines where security vulnerabilities exist and then how to reduce them effectively in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Church Safeguard is an inspection intended to be used for "mid-size" or "medium" to "Mega-churches." There are various numerical figures given to define these sizes. For this inspection, they are defined as: Mid-size/Medium Churches: 200-350 parishioners; Large/Big Churches: 350-2,000; and Megachurches: 2,000+. This digitized security checklist effectively enables churches to identify their security gaps in order to fill them to prevent and protect church staff and parishioners from active shooters and other violent incidents.

Hospital Safeguard is a thorough inspection healthcare facility or center regardless the its size. This detailed assessment provides detailed feedback of where security vulnerabilities exist in policy, procedures, infrastructure, and technology.

Safeguard products are inspections intended to be used rather than relying on paper checklists or multiple software programs, this platform centralizes one security inspection process, making it more efficient and accurate. With our propriety inspections, users have over 250+ points of inspection with simple-to-use software that captures evaluated criteria using quantifiable metrics. These metrics enable analysis to determine areas where vulnerabilities exist and should be addressed by the client. Additionally, the software produces immediate presentations of the findings to allow inspectors to present the findings to clients. With our products, schools, colleges, and churches can directly purchase then have law enforcement, their School Resource Officer, and/or contract a Security Expert to conduct the easy-to-follow inspection process. When they have questions, 24/7 customer service representatives (CSR) are available to assistant them, as the software provides both camera and video functions, so the CSR can directly assist them in an expeditious manner.

Key Reasons to Purchase and Use These Checklists

  1. Customized digital inspection checklist with a ready-to-use template(s) on a Microsoft Teams platform. This allows simple 24/7 access and utilization of the automated checklist. Customer service representatives on-call.
  2. Digital inspections have over 300+ points of inspection, are more comprehensive in their approach, and utilize dropdown scoring metrics, where the results of these details inspections are quantifiably useful to clients. This information will inform proper actions and investment in security policies, training, and/or material acquisition.
  3. These digital process provide automated report generation of inspection results that outline findings and highlight deficiencies that decision-makers should address in short, mid, and long-term horizons.
  4. Cost-effective and most useful inspection results compared to any other products in this space. 
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